The SPCA is temporarily located at 1966 Crompond Rd. in Cortlandt Manor while we rebuild our campus in Briarcliff. The SPCA is open to the public by appointment only. For general inquiries email For adoptions email To reach our Clinic call 941-2896 ext. 10.

SPCA of Westchester supports the humane law enforcement unit.

Humane Law Enforcement

(914) 941-7797

The mission of the Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Unit of the SPCA of Westchester is to protect the animals in Westchester County from cruelty and neglect through the aggressive and proactive enforcement of New York State Law and to educate citizens so that ignorance does not result in neglect.

The SPCA of Westchester’s HLE Officers are certified NYS Peace Officers given “full Police power” through the NYS Criminal Procedure Law and Agriculture and Markets Law. These officers are empowered to enforce all the laws of New York State and specifically those relating to animal cruelty. They are not animal control officers. They are trained in accordance with the requirements as set forth by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Officers of the SPCA participate in Humane Education classes in schools throughout the county, educating young people about animal cruelty, neglect. Officers are also available to make presentations to groups, schools, etc. on a variety of topics. Should your group or school wish to schedule a presentation, please call the SPCA of Westchester.


The SPCA’s HLE Unit does not receive any government funding, therefore, donations to support this much needed service are gratefully accepted. Help us to help abused and abandoned animals. Your contribution will make it possible for our HLE Unit to protect countless animals. Rising costs associated in providing these “police services” makes it more important than ever that concerned individuals, groups and businesses show their support.







We Do What We Do Because Animals Can’t Dial 911!