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Today is Giving Tuesday, a Global Day of Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day that encourages people to do good and give back to their community. On this special day we hope you’ll consider a kind gift to help abused and neglected animals like Marcus, Thomas and Peanut, who never would have survived if not for your generous support.

Marcus was found tied to a pole, nearly starved to death. When this beautiful 2-year-old shepherd mix was rushed into the SPCA he was so frail and weak he could barley walk or keep his head lifted for more than a few seconds at a time. His whole body was trembling as he’d likely never felt the touch of a kind hand in his entire life, until now.

A dog his size should weigh around 70 lbs. Sadly, on the day Marcus arrived he weighed a mere 36 lbs. Why someone would do this to an innocent animal we will never understand.

Another special animal your support will help is Peanut. This sweet 1-year-old poodle was purchased from a pet store or breeder, which means his former family likely spent alot of money to buy him. However, when Peanut was suffering with an eye infection his owners didn’t bring him to a veterinarian because they claimed they couldn’t afford to.
We could not allow poor Peanut to suffer so his owners surrendered him to the SPCA. Sadly, his eye was so severely infected our veterinary team made the difficult decision to remove it. We don’t want to imagine what would have happened if Peanut’s injury had been ignored any longer, but luckily, because of loyal friends like you, we are able to save animals like sweet boy!
Our adorable Thomas is yet another example of an animal who will be a lucky recipient of your generous support. Born outside to a feral mom, Thomas already had the odds going against him because many kittens don’t survive if not helped within their first few weeks of life.

At 3 months old Thomas was fending for himself outside and suffering from a badly injured eye. When he arrived we couldn’t believe how affectionate this little guy was especially since he’d never been around people and was clearly in pain.

Once Thomas received emergency surgery he was quickly adopted by a wonderful family. As you can see in his after photo he is happy and healthy now, which never would have been possible without your love and support of our community animals!
Help us be here for Marcus, Peanut, Thomas and countless other animals by donating this Giving Tuesday. Thank you in advance for being such a kind friend to the SPCA animals!