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Become a Shelter Angel!
Become a Shelter Angel!

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GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Click above to read information about cruelty issues and what YOU can do!

Donate your car!
Donate your vehicle to the SPCA and get a tax write off. Donate cars, trucks, vans, RVs or boats. Free pickup!
Call 800.818.7089

SPCA of Westchester's Shelter Angels

SarahMake a difference in the life of an animal... become an SPCA Shelter Angel.

Monthly giving is a great way to help the SPCA do even more to save lives and find forever homes for our deserving animals. As a Shelter Angel, you'll make a difference by providing steady income to the SPCA, month after month... income that we can count on to do our work of providing shelter, food, veterinary care, love and protection.

No monthly donation is too small to help. We move mountains and welcome miracles every day by taking small steps. Counting on your monthly donation is what truly makes the difference.

As a Shelter Angel, you will initially receive a letter of thanks and a photograph from your new animal friend at the SPCA. Each month, you will get an update from the cat or dog that you've sponsored that will help you keep track of your donations. You're encouraged to send or bring in "care packages" with toys, treats or bedding for your chosen animal. What a great way to be involved with an animal that is in need of love, care and compassion.

When you sign up to be a Shelter Angel, your contributions will be charged automatically to your credit card, or deducted from your checking account, on an ongoing basis. Your donations are tax deductible. You can select your level of giving, and if you wish, you can sponsor one of our animals by writing his or her name in the white box above the subscription button. You may leave this blank if you'd like the money to go where it is needed most.

Be an angel to an animal in need... become an SPCA Shelter Angel.

$5 will test one cat for feline leukemia or one dog for heartworm (& won't be a big budget bite!)
$10 will vaccinate, de-worm, and provide flea treatment for two dogs before they are adopted.
$20 will cover the care of one cat for a month!
$35 will cover the care of one dog for a month!
$50 will train one Shelter animal for the Golden Outreach program (read more about our Outreach Program!)
$100 a month rehabilitates one victim of cruelty by providing food, shelter, veterinary care and placement in a new loving home.

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