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Yonkers Woman Arrested by SPCA of Westchester for Two Counts of Animal Cruelty

The SPCA of Westchester announced today that their Humane Law Enforcement Unit (HLE), under the direction of Ernest Lungaro and Yonkers Police Officer William Pataky, in a joint investigation, arrested Ashaki Bryant, 40, of 10 Stewart Place in Yonkers. Bryant was arrested on January 11, 2016 for not providing adequate food, water or veterinary care for a prolonged period of time to her two pit bull dogs and was charged with two counts of animal cruelty.  

Yonkers Police were alerted on January 3rd that two pit bull dogs were fighting. One female and one male pit bull were then discovered fighting over rice in the back yard of Bryant’s home at 10 Stewart Place. Both dogs were quickly transported by the Yonkers Animal Shelter for immediate veterinary care. The male pit bull sadly succumbed to his injuries. 

Following a thorough examination by a veterinarian at Central Animal Hospital, the dogs were found to be dehydrated, emaciated and had various wounds and scars that were in different stages of healing. Some were old wounds that were never treated properly and others were fresh wounds in need of immediate medical care. The dogs’ spine and rib bones were very prominent indicating both were malnourished. The female pit bull was then transported to the Yonkers Animal Shelter after her medical treatment. 

It’s crucial to contact our HLE Unit or the Police if animal neglect or cruelty is suspected. 
The SPCA’s Confidential Animal Cruelty Hotline is 914-941-7797.

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Desires by Mikolay We love this necklace featuring man's best friend! Show your love for your beloved pet with a paw print charm, available as the charm only or on a chain. The silver version comes set with white sapphires and the gold version comes with diamonds.Desires by Mikolay

This is one of our 'Gifts that Give Back'. Shop and support the SPCA of Westchester with your purchase. Their mission is to protect animal welfare by providing shelter, rehabilitation, and adoption services.
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Henry Bismuth MY DOGS
Susan Beer and Henry Bismuth, an internationally renowned artist, recently adopted a gorgeous Lab/Shar Pei mix from the SPCA, who is now named Coco Chanel. Naturally, Henry painted Coco and her brother Monty as seen in this beautiful portrait entitled "My Dogs." Susan and Henry decided to generously donate poster versions of his painting for us to sell in order to raise funds for our Adult Dog Adoption Program. We are asking for a $25 donation per poster which can be made online or in our gift shop at the shelter. The poster measures 12" x 18."

Special thanks to Marc and the staff at The Color Group in Hawthorne for printing the posters at no charge.


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